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Quality Gardening

We are a new and ambitious company looking for expansion of business in the commercial, industrial and residential markets. Landscape Ladies is dedicated to development and growth through excellent work and customer service. The high expectations we have set for our team lead to outstanding results and customer satisfaction. Our team is committed to creating beautiful outdoor spaces that suit your needs.


 As the owner of a company in the highly competitive landscaping industry, there are many character traits that are essential to success. I am a highly motivated, hardworking, hands on, experienced individual that is driven to succeed. I have an extensive background in garden design and maintenance as well as turf management that allows my team and I to create and maintain the perfect space for each client.


Landscape Ladies is the correct company to suit your property maintenance needs through providing the best services that will make your property stand out from the others. Our team is very reliable and efficient at providing all of the essential services needed weekly/biweekly. We are educated with plant material, pests, diseases, soil pH and design concepts. We have all of the equipment to complete any task productively, efficiently, and correctly.

Outdoor Planters

Seasonal planters have become a growing interest in our industry, we would like to offer you the opportunity to experience gardening in planters.

Planters usually consist of annual or tropical plants that are planted outdoors in window boxes, hanging baskets or urns. They add a unique, welcoming and attractive feature to your property at your entrance ways, sidewalks, outdoor seating areas, balconies/ terraces, courtyards and patios. The designer will choose colours and plants that best suit your home, the climate/location of the planter and of course your requests.

Planters can be altered according to seasonal change or special occasions such as business parties, promotions, fundraisers, banquets, community events, weddings and birthday parties, ect.

Spring Planter Pictures

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